Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Camerons Orana Park Story

Orana Park

We have been learning to make our writing more interesting by adding adjectives. How many adjectives can you spot in Camerons story about his favourite animal at Orana Park?

I saw the swinging Gibbons. They were all playing inside the house. 
I loved them because I could talk to them and I also liked the still meerkat. 
I liked the jumping tiger too. It was eating fast. I loved watching them.


  1. Cameron, this is a very good story because you describe the animals very well..I get a picture in my mind of the monkeys swinging and the tigers jumping. I hop they can't jump over the fences! Liz.

  2. I have loved reading your interesting stories about Orana Park. It is a great place isn't it. We only have a little Nature Park here is Nelson, but we love visiting the animals there. We went to see the Tuatara recently.

    Thank you for the comment on our blog. We have left you a reply to one of your questions. Have a happy day and we look forward to reading another post on your blog.

    Room 14 and Mrs Eden.


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